History Of Team Tucson

Team Tucson at Battle Cry in San Francisco

I started Team Tucson in 2001 as a drama team that performed in parks, public places and shared the Gospel. It consisted of nine youths and three adults. Our drama skit was called The Journey.  It showed a man searching for the answers to life. Along the way he murders someone and couldn’t get rid of the guilt or stain of sin. He tried drinking it away and partying, militant discipline, intellect, none could help. He was caught in his sin and had to die for the murder he committed. Jesus took his place and died for him. But before Jesus died He explained that God created him to worship God.  Jesus resurrects and takes his stain away. The Journey man then surrenders his life to Jesus and God. The Journey man then tells others of the Good News. We give an alter call after the skit. It was fun and a joy.

God had me lay it down.  Since then He has given me a new vision for Team Tucson as a community service organization for youth and parents that also fund-raises.  To facilitate leadership in youth and make a difference in our city.  Youth will be encouraged to live for God.  Team Tucson wants to help them be the difference to make the difference in their world for Christ and gain an eternal reward.

Team Tucson from May 2004 to Jan 2005 went to the park on 4th Avenue to meet the basic needs of the homeless, meeting spiritual needs through preaching teaching and prayer.  During this time we have had one enter the kingdom and one came back to the Lord. The seed of truth was planted in many other hearts.

Sept. 2005-May 2007 Team Tucson had a mentoring program.  We mentored High school students to mentor at risk youth from Bethany House and Giving Tree home, two nonprofit shelters that also reach out to youth and parents. We started each time with a very balanced nutritional snack. Then we tutored them with their school work. We would have a teaching from the bible and the mentoree's favorite part was their one on one play time with their mentors.

March 2006 Team Tucson went to Battle Cry Stadium Event. We loaded up a tour bus with 56 youth and adults and headed to San Francisco CA. We heard amazing speakers and we’re equipped to bring the life changing message of the gospel to our own generation.  The youth and adults enlisted, to rescue their generation!

Dec 2006 Team Tucson sponsored a city wide conference called The Question? This conference was created by Family Foundations International for High School students and above. All the mentors from the Mentoring Program went for free. They found out why they are here. What their purpose is and received the Fathers blessing. It was an awesome two days. The mentors really appreciated being able to attend.

Nov. 2007 Team Tucson took a group of 21 individuals to Acquire the Fire. A Christian youth rally in Phoenix produced by Teen Mania. Lives were changed. Youth rededicated themselves to following  the Lord. Their spiritual batteries were recharged with worship and great speakers. One of the best purity messages I have heard for girls was presented.  The guys and girls had separate messages so they could be catered to each genders needs. We had a blast.

Feb. 18th 2008 I was diagnosis with congestive heart failure. I had been sick for quite a while. Team Tucson came to a halt with my diagnosis and recovery.  God graciously healed me one Sunday Morning during prayer. My energy came back. I could breath with out difficulty. My ankles have not swelled since then. I started running my race with God again.
I give him thanks, praise and more thankfulness for  healing me. He is good!! I realize I have more to do for Him.

While I was down God did some tweaking with Team Tucson.  Our current ministries are:

How To Raise Kids You Want To Keep by Dr Day.

Raising Kids You Want to Keep is a one day conference on behavior modification for those parents seasoned or starting out. In today's climate Dr Day offers real techniques that are legal, ethical and produce results. I believe one of the most important factors Dr Day provides is effective way's to modify behavior. Parents and foster parents will walk away with fresh new techniques to conquer the situation in their home.
We invite parents living in shelters as our guest to join in a great encouraging conference for free. Then Team Tucson goes in afterwards with follow up assistance to help implement the techniques they learned.

Friday Night at the Movies

April 2009 Friday Night at the Movies is life coaching and mentoring together using movies. Using higher critical thinking skills to get a grasp on reality. The youth are always excited about the next movie night. We meet every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. We always have great expectations of what will transpire during discussion time.  

April 2009 doing what we can to help the homeless students in Tucson. It could be giving them a snack, to providing some clothes or giving them a ride. Showing them somebody cares and knows they have a purpose for their life, is always weaved in everything we do.

May 2010 Tucson is going to make a difference at Spirit West Coast Del Mar. We are volunteering at SWC. Team Tucson plans on taking two teams to help SWC with their mission to show youth and families an alternative to secular music. Providing a great family environment and presenting the Gospel Message to all who want to hear. There will be great Christian music in all venues, rap, rock, alternative, hip hop, screaming you name it, it will be there with Christian lyrics.
$1068.00 will send one team of 4 to Spirit West Coast.