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Values are uncompromisable, undebatable truths that drive and direct behavior. They are motivational-they give us reasons why we do things; and they are restrictive-they place boundaries around behavior.

Team Tucson's 10 Week Mentoring Program

Leadership, Mentoring, Service

Team Tucson is about helping people succeed in life through leadership, mentoring and service. Our purpose is to help youth believe they can succeed and that they have a purpose and destiny for their life. We aspire to help them line up their choices with a vision for their future. We educate and empower parents with skills to operate a parent-centered home, and establishing authority in a legal, ethical and effective manner.

Team Tucson In Action

December 13, 2017.  Team Tucson brought in a plant container that was overrun with Aloe vera plants.  We took the plant out of its container and talked about needing to separate ourselves from the old environment to give us a new environment and sometime it takes real effort.  It can even be painful when you have to actually cut people out of your life to grow healthy, stay clean of drugs, just like the the roots have to be cut to separate for new growth sometimes.  We were able to make 20+ plants for our gifting to Old Pueblo Springs Assisted living. November 15, 2017.  During Prune n groom we had an individual who said my mom loves plants and we use to bond over alcohol, now we can bond over plants.  Another individual said you look at the plants and look and look, and you need to replace the bad memories so you don’t get depressed and want to commit suicide.  One individual left saying, "that was therapeutic".  It was a good day at O'Reilly Care.
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