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Values are uncompromisable, undebatable truths that drive and direct behavior. They are motivational-they give us reasons why we do things; and they are restrictive-they place boundaries around behavior.

Team Tucson's 10 Week Mentoring Program

Leadership, Mentoring, Service

Team Tucson is about helping people succeed in life through leadership, mentoring and service. Our purpose is to help youth believe they can succeed and that they have a purpose and destiny for their life. We aspire to help them line up their choices with a vision for their future. We educate and empower parents with skills to operate a parent-centered home, and establishing authority in a legal, ethical and effective manner.

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Dec 6, 2016.  Team Tucson enabled Melissa Balda and her coworkers at TMC Neurology ICU Unit to give out cookies, candy and 140 plants while going from room to room singing Christmas Carols. Some of us were good singers while others were laughing at us for singing out of tune, or rapping the songs.  We had a great time.  We heard from residents how wonderful and grateful they were to have a plant.  We also gifted plants for the employee stations throughout the building.
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August 8, 2016.  I went to see a friend, who says that me and another person named Rosanda planted the seeds of salvation and helped her and her current church water those seeds.  Susie was part of a weekly Small Christian Home Group.  I lost contact with Susie when she went to California to live.  One day when I was getting up I felt this deep longing to know how she was doing.  I cried out to the Lord to have her call me just so I would know how she and her two boys were doing.  Well, about 7 to 10 days later I get this call:   "Hi Barbara, do you remember me n the boys?  I am just calling to tell you we are doing well".  Ever since we have been in contact.

I felt God wanted me to see some fruit of my labors.  In the beginning one of her sons was an angry hateful 6 years old.  You would say hi and he would threaten to hurt you.  He asked Jesus into his heart and there was such an immediate transformation that his bus driver came to church.  He is quite the amazing young adult now.  You should have seen the puzzled look on his face when I said, if you hadn’t asked Jesus into your heart you would be in jail/prison right now.

I was a participant of the first ever woman’s jewelry fix it party.  Susie was the head of this and it was a great time.  I even got a couple of earrings fixed.  I could see it growing and reaching young and up female adults for Jesus.  It had been in her heart burning and I got to see it birthed.  What an honor.

I participated in their back to school event, giving out filled back packs, feeding families, Susie did face painting and she is a pro.  I helped with giving away clothes, and even my small vocabulary of Spanish was appreciated.  They had a jumping castle, cotton candy, and snow cones too.  The children had smiles and giggles galore.  The parents received prayer.  Physical material help and prayer is powerful ministry.

I was also invited to the Engage group for college students, a passionate group of young adults who want God to manifest Himself in their life.  After the message the worship began.  I got a big gulp of the Holy Ghost while worshiping on my face.  The worship was real, radically free with only a guitar and feet stomping the drum beats on a hard wood floor of a historic home.

Barbara Patterson, Executive Director of Team Tucson.
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