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Values are uncompromisable, undebatable truths that drive and direct behavior. They are motivational-they give us reasons why we do things; and they are restrictive-they place boundaries around behavior.

Team Tucson's 10 Week Mentoring Program

Leadership, Mentoring, Service

Team Tucson is about helping people succeed in life through leadership, mentoring and service. Our purpose is to help youth believe they can succeed and that they have a purpose and destiny for their life. We aspire to help them line up their choices with a vision for their future. We educate and empower parents with skills to operate a parent-centered home, and establishing authority in a legal, ethical and effective manner.

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July 27, 2017.  Team Tucson went to O'Reilly Care to visit, gift plants, lend a listening ear, and offer prayer and compassion.  Seven individuals participated,  two of them had a relative who committed suicide, and two benefited from being a patient at one time, one just had a friend released just days before we visited.
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June 22, 2017.  Team Tucson and Freedom Fellowship went visiting the long term care patients at Sabino Canyon Rehabilitation Care Center.  Everyone got a plant that wanted one.  Lydia was so excited about her plant and visit that she found me later before I left, and gave me this necklace.  I visited her just a couple of days ago and her beautiful amaranth was still displaying red flowers.
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