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Values are uncompromisable, undebatable truths that drive and direct behavior. They are motivational-they give us reasons why we do things; and they are restrictive-they place boundaries around behavior.

Team Tucson's 10 Week Mentoring Program

Leadership, Mentoring, Service

Team Tucson is about helping people succeed in life through leadership, mentoring and service. Our purpose is to help youth believe they can succeed and that they have a purpose and destiny for their life. We aspire to help them line up their choices with a vision for their future. We educate and empower parents with skills to operate a parent-centered home, and establishing authority in a legal, ethical and effective manner.

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January 2 - 5, 2018.  Our Ready Set Go Conference empowered young adults to discover their personality structure, and how they are wired for success, identified their passions along with talents, and skills. They discussed how to monetize their passion, talents and skills to create a clear vision for their future.

I was wondering about my personality and this really helped me understand myself.

It was worth getting up on my vacation. Very useful information that will help me with my future.
December 15, 2017.  Old Pueblo Springs Caroling, Plant Gifting, Goodie Giving: AKA Sharing Calories Galore :)  We walked the halls and visited every room singing to each person who wanted there favorite Christmas songs.  We handed out a plant and goodies to all who wanted them.  We had two residents in wheel chairs that we pushed along singing and getting into the spirit of giving.  They were awesome!  We wore festive hats, jewelry and big smiles.  We gave the staff bouquets of flowers and goodies too.  It was a great night.  I can’t wait for next year :)

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